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Enneagram Types Valentine’s suggestions

what each enneagram type wants for valentine's day

It’s that time of year when we celebrate love. (Actually, My feeling is that we should be doing that every day.) It’s when we up the flirting game and romance rules. But, what do different Enneagram Types really desire for Valentine’s Day? It’s time to find Enneagram Types Valentine’s suggestions.

I had fun compiling this (hopefully) humorous list. Enjoy, (and let me know if it worked).

Type 1)

Disciplined One’s often enjoy getting away from everyday routine where they can access their fun Sevenish sides. Think of an out of town location, where the normal rules of engagement don’t apply, and your One can really let their hair down. Prepare though for a degree of self-recrimination on the trip home…

Type 2)

Being committed givers, Two’s can find receiving hard, so you’ll need to bear this in mind when thinking up the perfect Valentine’s gift. Sexual Instinctive Two gals may enjoy seductive underwear, while Self-preservation Two’s would appreciate soft toys and sentimental cards with loads of hearts, roses and thanks for all they do. Generally, all Twos would enjoy candlelight dinners and one-on-one time, and don’t forget to show your love with loads of caresses.

Type 3)

Take your Three to the latest trendy restaurant. Here friends and colleagues can see you showering adoring praise and branded gifts on your love. Make them the center of your world. Don’t forget to ask about their latest goal.

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Type 4)

Out with those pens (genuine ink and quills works best), to write a romantic poem to your Valentine. Speak of lost and found love, how they complete you and the beauty of two hearts connecting in space… you get the idea. (Offering your own version of a personal sensual, slow massage will add to the day.) Special objects of beauty also work, such as pieces of art or sculptures.

Type 5)

First finish the argument about the utter commercialism of Valentine’s day. Be interested in listening to the day’s origin—an ancient Roman festival (Lupercalia) involving sacrifices and priests (Luperci) whipping woman to render them fertile. (Yes really!) You can add to the information by mentioning how men drew women’s names from a jar to select their partner for some wanton revelry.

Your cerebral lover will however enjoy a secret indulgence which adds to their collection of whatever it is they collect.  A night/day out at a preferred event/hobby, such as a picnic or birdwatching will also work. Better still upholding the Fiveish iconoclastic tradition, rather celebrate romance on the 15th.

Type 6)

Can’t decide what to do for your Type Six Valentine? Don’t worry, they’re having the same issue thinking of what to do for you. Try not to send cards to four+ other people. This doesn’t up your loyalty stakes. Demonstrating that you’re in this together for ever, no matter how you choose to do this will be appreciated. (Think “my best friend, my best lover.”) Sixes enjoy people who initiate—it’s much safer than being the first to give a gift or card. “What if I give him/her something and get nothing back?”

Enneagram Types Valentine's suggestions

Type 7)

Plan that night that never ends. Have at least five events lined up so when your lover starts to tire of one experience, you can quickly move to the next surprise. Go for new, rather than tried and tested. Make it a sensory, sensual overload, with some spicy “never done this before,” sex to end the evening.

Type 8)

Behind their tough exterior, Eights can be warm-hearted romantics. They’ll most likely want to be in charge of the Valentine’s Day celebrations, and any “secret” plans you may have, they’ll want to know about. Some Eights may experience the Valentine hype as being coercive, which they’ll rebel against—feeling your love is conditional to them doing something creates resistance. But get them in the mood and believing it was all their idea, and you’re in for a fun, sensual, night out.

Type 9)

Your merging Nine will be better equipped to know what you want, rather than your knowing what they’d like to do. This leaves you at a disadvantage. However, most Nines will be thrilled just to have been remembered. What you do after that isn’t as important—they will be happy if you are. Should you forget to do anything, be prepared for a degree of passive aggression. Nine’s will want you to take the initiative and decide how the celebration will be spent. (That way if the evening doesn’t work out it won’t be their fault.) Do nothing at your peril—Nine’s don’t enjoy being overlooked.

And that’s it – Enneagram Types Valentine’s suggestions sorted!

what each enneagram type wants for valentine's day

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