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Thank you for the most informative and very enjoyable workshop. You create a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere/space that encourages participants to share freely and comfortably. There was great excitement in the group when someone recognised the number of a friend, family member or loved one. I came home satisfied and fulfilled. I gained a great deal of insight into myself and the people close to me through your knowledge and expertise in the Enneagram, as well as from the group discussions.

Colleen Anderson, MA Clinical Psychology. Cape Town.

This (Enneagram workshop) is all very valuable to me and greatly appreciated

Keri Harvey

I have been raving about your Art workshop to anyone and everyone who will listen! It was one of the most life changing days.  The way the workshop was structured, your guidance and profound insights are fantastic!
If you schedule another like the one we did please let me know so I can forward to my friends etc
Hugs, love, and gratitude

Deborah Harmonized

Thank you so much for a really inspiring and informative workshop yesterday. I was saying this morning that I can finally understand my friend’s passion for this stuff – it’s like having a new language to speak. It puts a lot of my character traits in perspective and helps me to see my way out of some of the less healthy ones.

Melissa Fagan

Thank you for the Enneagram workshop on Saturday.
I found it very interesting!
It gave me some more insight on certain things, confirmed things I was not sure about and also a new perspective!
Many thanks again and will definitely would like to attend future workshops!

Emily Maritz

Ann’s book Sex and the Enneagram

Ann Gadd, a writer, counsellor, and artist, infuses her visionary brilliance into this much-needed book, as she describes the sexual and erotic dynamics of relationships through the lens of the enneagram. Witty and easy to read, Gadd’s must-have book for everyone interested in love is also filled with depth and rich wisdom for people at any level of familiarity with the enneagram.”

Linda Carroll
Psychotherapist and author of 
Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love  
LoveSKills :The Keys to Unlocking Wholehearted Love  Feb 2020

Sex and the Enneagram is an approachable presentation of the complex ways each Enneagram type may express or repress emotional openness in intimate relationships, and of how deep-rooted issues of vulnerability, fear of self-disclosure or shame, and lack of trust can cloud and limit our sexual self-expression.  In a warm, instructive, yet non-judgmental style, Ann also provides suggestions and reflections on ways an individual type might become more sexually, and therefore more completely, present to another in intimate connections.  However, since we hold the potentials of all nine types within us, a studied consideration of each chapter in this book can collectively lead to a more abundant understanding and acceptance of the full range of our sexual lives, and in the process, to the even greater understanding that to be authentically present  with another person serves to remind us, as Don Riso wrote, that we are always in the presence of the Divine.

Brian L. Taylor, Vice-President, The Enneagram Institute

Ann masterfully helps us hold the difficult aspects of this topic by gently guiding our own inquiry into what healthy sexuality really is.
Sex and the Enneagram is a meaningful inner work accompaniment. Culturally this book makes conversations about what true sexual freedom and intimacy is accessible.

Monika Adelfang, The Enneagram Institute – Certified Teacher, Authorised Training and Workshop Provider

Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, Ann Gadd boldly and graphically takes us behind the scenes into the sacred spaces of our sexuality. Her book inspires (me) with new possibilities; and brings interesting ideas, texture and latitude to explore in my relationship with my long-term partner.

Colleen Anderson, MA Clinical Psychology. Cape Town.

As the title suggests, this book explores each Enneagram style in its approach to sex and sexuality in depth. Clearly a huge amount of research has gone into her subject. Ann covers a wide range of topics and angles that illuminate sex and sexuality for each personality style. I discovered some gems about myself in this book which have come to the surface and I am now exploring what is/not working for me. This is a book I’ll be gifting to friends who are open to learning more about themselves in a sometimes humorous, sometimes painful way and hopefully open up avenues for more meaningful and empowering conversations about sex and sexuality.

Cherise Nortje, OD Consultant

Ann’s courage to tackle sex and sexuality from an Enneagram perspective is courageous and it pays off. I am personally grateful for her contribution to my understanding of myself and to the body of literature on the Enneagram. –

Lucille Greeff, Enneagram Teacher

Ann Gadd’s The Enneagram Of Sex is an exciting and bold contribution to the growing body of Enneagram literature that focuses on the practical, daily application of this powerful sense-making personality framework. 
Ann’s insightful and challenging style encourages us to reflect deeply on our own sexuality and to notice how personality shapes our relationship with, and experience of, sex.
The book will leave readers feeling delightfully laid bare and exposed by virtue of a veritable romp through the array of human fixations and behavioural patterns that lead us to engage with sex in such diverse ways, despite having to fall back on some generalisations in terms of wings and instincts. This book comes at just the right time, as we continue to learn how to talk about sex and sexual identity in communities across the world.  We recommend it to all readers who are ready to elevate still further their awareness of self, others and society through the lens of sex and sexuality.

Aephoria, Leadership Development & Maturity Business.

On Ann’s book: The Enneagram of Eating

I found The Enneagram of Eating to be an inviting and informative introduction not only to the Enneagram but also a reminder of how our ingrained habits of who we think we are unconsciously impact the choices we make about life, including diet and exercise.  Ann reminds us that “it doesn’t have to be that way”, and invites us to a more mindful and aware consideration of our life’s unlimited options, while gently applying the helpful and guiding principles of the Enneagram.

Brian Taylor
Vice President
The Enneagram Institute

Ann invites us to consider our day-to-day habits and what can support us in making realistic changes. This involves looking at the difficult aspects of our food and lifestyle choices.  If you are new to the Enneagram this book is a great start to helping you get orientated. For those who know about this ancient and modern day teaching – it is food for thought.

Monika Adelfang, The Enneagram Institute – Certified Teacher, Authorised Training and Workshop Provider