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Enneagram Books for Kids

A series of Enneagram books for kids in the 3-6 age group written and illustrated by Ann Gadd.

Enneagram author Ann Gadd, author of Sex and the Enneagram and The Enneagram of Eating, creates the first in a series of Enneagram books for kids. The purpose of these books is to help children get a feeling for each of the Nine Types. As a result, in time, after reading the books, kids will start to become aware of the various personalities. Likewise, they’ll be able to understand the differences between children. Above all, your child will gain understanding and compassion for each of the Nine Types and develop the skills to interact with different children.

Percy Perfect – Enneagram Type 1 for Kids

First in the series of Enneagram books for kids is Percy Perfect. Percy is an Enneagram Type One. All is perfect in Percy’s life … or is it? Percy finds out there’s more to life than perfection in this fun story aimed at the 3-8 year age group.

Illustration of Percy Perfect by Ann Gadd in the Enneagram Books for Kids series

Percy Perfect is available as an e-book, paperback and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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Hazel Helper – The Enneagram Type 2 for Kids

Hazel is always helping others, until one day she gets angry with her friends’ lack of appreciation for all she does. Hazel then learns how to give to herself.

Sally Star – The Enneagram Type 3 for Kids

Sally Star (Enneagram Type Three), loves being the best. She loves to shine brightly, but sometimes there is more to life than being the best ….

Discover more about Type Three with Sally in this fun book aimed at the 3-8 year age group.

An illustration by Ann Gadd from Sally Star

Sebastian Study – The Enneagram Type 5 for Kids

Cover of Sebastian Study

Sebastian Study knows a lot. But, he finds he doesn’t know everything. In this fun book for kids Sebastian learns what’s really important in life.

Felix Fun – Enneagram Type Seven

Young Felix (Enneagram Type Seven), loves to pursue fun adventures, but he just can’t seem to enjoy any of them …. The story follows young Felix as he finds out the true meaning of fun.

Cover of  Type 7 in the Enneagram books for kids series by Ann Gadd

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FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Buy Kindle edition: or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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Over the coming months I’ll be bringing out the remaining Enneagram Types in the rest of this series of Enneagram books for kids covering all Nine Types.

Identifying your child’s type:

The idea of this book series is not for you to tell the child what type you believe them to be. That being said, some children exhibit such strong traits that its hard not to identify them. Best though to see if over time they can reach the self-awareness that allows them to discover their own type. Children are easily influenced by those around them and consequently may act like a type, but not actually be that type. As a result, its best to leave any identification until they are older and can discover for themselves who they are.

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