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Ann Gadd’s Bio

About Enneagram author Ann Gadd:

Ann Gadd has been a writer since the day she learnt to scrawl her first words in crayon across her bedroom wall. (But, this was an event her parents found to be less auspicious.) Her first published book was released in 1988. The second book appeared in 2003. Since then she has authored / illustrated a further 24 books, (with 15 translations), across a variety of non-fiction genres.

Book Topics

Her books include 13 ‘self-help’ books. Subjects cover a wide spectrum, including:

  • Enneagrams,
  • relationships,
  • habits (the emotional reasons behind why we do them),
  • the feet (how the sole mirrors the soul),
  • and the seven stages of self-development in popular fairy tales.
  • She has also written and illustrated a 10-part children’s Enneagram series.


Over the past 35 years she has written for various magazines. Initially covering, boardsailing and yachting, as a result of her love of these sports. Later she transitioned to self-growth publications and parenting. Currently, she mostly covers health issues and photo/travel writing. (Being in the African bush is a passion.)

Ann has had numerous articles written about her work. As a result, she has appeared on many talk shows and TV. (Although her most enjoyable claim to fame, was to be the guest ‘Agony Aunt’ for a UK woman’s magazine!)

Ann is also a prolific and accomplished artist. To date she has sales in excess of 5 500 paintings, both locally and abroad.

Having spent 12 years an alternative therapist, Ann gained some profound insights into the human psyche. (Reiki, LifeLine counsellor, IEQ9 Integrative Enneagram coach, Footology and general holistic practitioner.) She has taught a variety of personal growth workshops. These include Reiki, Transformational Art, the Enneagram, Chakra and relationship workshops. As a result, hundreds of people in the corporate and private sectors have benefited from her wisdom and warm humour.

Ann lives in Cape Town with her artist husband, a wildly enthusiastic retriever and two somewhat over-indulged, rather grumpy cats.


  • Ann is a qualified Integrative9 Enneagram Coach
  • Author of two published books on the Enneagram
  • Author of a series of kid’s Enneagram books
  • Student of the Enneagram for over 15 years with various teachers
  • Author of a further nine “self-help” books
  • Two 3-day courses with teacher and author Russ Hudson
  • Workshop facilitator on Enneagrams and other subjects for 30 years
  • Worked as an alternative practitioner for 12 years
  • ex Lifeline counselor