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Better Parenting with the Enneagram

cover book better parenting with the enneagram by ann gadd
Better Parenting with the Enneagram. Cover design: Ann Gadd

Nominated and winner of the Om Media Award for Best Consciousness Parenting Book

Understanding your approach to parenting, and your relationship with your child, through the lens of your Enneagram Types

Better Parenting with the Enneagram: Imagine you had a unique insight into your parenting style? 

What if you were able to understand your child on a much deeper level?

And, if you knew just how to help your child maximize their potential? 

Most parents want to be the best parents they can be. Yet as we know, parenting can be a tricky path to navigate. We’re all different Enneagram personality types, which is why it can be hard sometimes to understand your child and their needs when they’re a different Enneagram Type. 

How this book can help you as a parent

  • Taking the 81-parent parent/child combinations and examining each relationship at its best, and what happens under pressure
  • Provides an overview of the Enneagram and its main concepts
  • Answers your main questions around the Enneagram and parenting
  • Identifies nine Enneagram parenting styles and nine children’s styles, their benefits and challenges
  • Shows how to utilize your unique parenting skills to be the best parent to your child(ren)
  • Also, looks at what happens to each type in their pre-teens and teen years
  • Furthermore, the book shows what you can do to empower your child to function at their highest level
  • Includes a fun Enneagram Test
  • Fun illustrations and humor make for an easier read

This book aims to help all parents (including LGBTQIA+) and their children, to live their lives to their most empowered potentials. As a result, the interplay between parents and children of all combination types is addressed. Through practical information, parents can understand themselves and their children, and their relationship dynamics. Consequently, as parents, we move towards creating a more creative environment where children feel safe, heard, and understood. This results in a more conscious, nurturing, and happier society.