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Sex and the Enneagram – Interview

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Sex and the Enneagram – Interview with Sheryl Sitts

I really enjoyed this interview on Passion, Sex and the Enneagram – with Sheryl Sitts. She is a warm and gracious host. Sheryl also happens to have a great sense of humor!

Interview: Passion, Sex and the Enneagram - with Cheryl Sitts cover of Sex and the Enneagram

More information on the book:

In this 45 minute interview, Sheryl Sitts asks Ann Gadd about the Enneagram in general and why it’s sometimes hard to find our Type. She also asks Ann to explain the Nine Types and what stops them from sexual presence. As a result, Ann gets to give a few tips as to how each Type can heal sexually. Fun questions arise, such as “which Types make the best lovers.” Sheryl also asks how the Enneagram can help us heal relationships and whether its a good thing to stick to the same Type or try out different Enneagram Types in relationships.

In a candid question Sheryl asks how writing the book Sex and the Enneagram affected Ann’s relationship.

Sheryl Sitts is a Possibilities Coach/Facilitator, Professional Broadcaster & Drumming Reiki Practitioner.

“When we consciously align heart and mind, body and spirit to work in harmony, miracles happen!”

Exploring Possibilities podcasting expansive conversations worldwide since 2012

Sex and the Enneagram – Interview with Sheryl Sitts January 2020


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