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Enneagram Christmas shopping

The shopping approaches for the Nine Types

It’s that time of year again folks, so here’s a fun look at how each of the Enneagram Types could approach the issue of Christmas Gift Buying.

Enneagram christmas gift shopping

Enneagram Christmas shopping through the 9-Types:

Type One:

Ones have made lists months in advance. Most of the items on it are thoughtful, but sensible and practical. They may even have stocked up during the year when good deals became available. Ones may decide to donate to a charity instead of gifting, or insist selflessly that rather than gift them, you make a donation to a good cause.

Type Two:

Two’s would have been watching throughout the year for clues as to what you may like. Even without any clues from you, they believe they know just what will make your heart happy. Expect generous gifts maybe with a warm fuzzy bias. (Self-gifting is not something they understand.)

Type Three:

Organised like Ones, they will have created a goal-based shopping list. Threes shop with style. So even if its out of their budget if it feels like the latest cool, branded item to give, they’ll be happy to shell out. Self-gifting also works for them. They also like to Instagram their purchases, swanky shopping spots etc.

Type Four:

Type Fours want their gift(s) to be unique. Expect then to find them browsing in markets and small boutique shops rather than at chain-stores. They may even decide to make you something special. That way it will truly be both beautiful and different.

Type Five:

Many Fives will argue that Christmas has become so commercial they want no part of it. Don’t be surprised then if no gifts appear. Those that do shop, may enjoy giving gadgets in every shape or form (probably bought online).

Type Six:

It’s hard for Sixes to shop—so many choices and whose to say which idea will work? Sixes then may vacilate in their gifting decisions. “Will Posie enjoy a shawl or the vase?” They typically have good taste in decor and so when they eventually make a decision, it’s usually is a good one. They truly understand the person they are buying for.

Type Sevens:

Last Sevens will hit the stores on Christmas Eve, spending extravagantly to get really cool and trending “toys.” Added to this will be bottles of expensive champagne and canapes for one of the many meals they’re attending over the next few days. They may also decide to gift fun experiences.

Type Eights:

When they do get to the stores, big-hearted Eights can be very generous in their choices for those they consider to be under their care. Expect flashy and bold. They like to be in charge, so whatever they give will most likely be on their terms e.g. the car and the color. Like Sevens and Threes, they are not averse to some serious self-gifting as a reward for their hard work.

Type Nines:

Nines have been procrastinating writing a list and shopping. It all becomes a bit overwhelming, and they may enjoy shopping online from the comfort of the couch. The animals will most likely be catered for first, before their human family. They may overspend or sway to the demands of family members to buy the gift that will please the most, rather than run the risk of a cheaper item that may not be well received. It all becomes exhausting.

Did you relate to any of those Enneagram Christmas Shopping approaches? Know someone who does? Let me know.

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