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What each Enneagram Type says after SEX

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I had a bit of fun with this last night thinking about what each Enneagram type would say after sex – hope it brings a smile.

Type 1 The Perfectionist

Hmm I/you (Instinctual Drive dependent) could have done that better/slower/faster.

Type 2 The Helper

Was that great for you? I tried all the moves I just know you like.

Type 3 The Achiever

Was I good or what!! Didn’t I just perform well?

Type 4 The Individualist

I’m feeling this special connection with you right now

Type 5 The Investigator

Says nothing, but thinks “when will he / she leave so I can get back to my project?” Or starts discussing nuclear biology.

Type 6 The Loyalist

You didn’t orgasm loudly. Does that mean you’re having an affair?

Type 7 The Enthusiast

Wow amazing. Now let’s celebrate with cocktails and canapes while I plan our next liaison.

Type 8 The Challenger

Ok so that’s done, now let’s start round two.

Type 9 The Peacemaker

That was really lovely darling, sorry I fell asleep though.

So that’s my take on what each Enneagram type would say after sex.

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