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The Enneagram Triads or Centers

If you’re stuck on the journey to find your Enneagram Type (and then move beyond it), identifying your Enneagram Triads or Centers can be helpful. When faced with a crisis do you act, think or feel predominately?

The Triads or Centres of the Enneagram

The Three Centers or Triads:

It can be helpful if you’re unsure of your type to narrow the choice down to from nine Types to three possible Types?

“How?” you may ask, “well we’re going to have a look at the Three Centers or Triads. (Even if you know your Type, this is still juicy stuff.)

They are:

  1. The Body, Instinctive or Action Centered Types where the issue is anger (either expressed or repressed).
  2. The Head or Thinking Centered Types where the issue is fear. They are anxious because they don’t feel supported and safe in the world which results in fear.
  3. The Feeling or Heart Centered Types where the issue is shame. They focus on their identity which when they don’t live up to their expectations results in shame.

Now the thing is, ask yourself where your greatest concerns are: Anger (Types Eight, Nine and One), Anxiety (Types Five, Six and Seven), or Shame (Types Two, Three and Four).

Unsure? Create a scenario of potential problem, such as your partner behaving badly, your suppliers are not delivering on time or perhaps the restaurant got your order wrong. Think about it.

Do you:

  • Feel the pain of it deeply, throw a hissy fit, mope, feel everyone else has it better than you or feel you don’t deserve better? (Heart)
  • Take immediate action and try to solve the problem while feeling annoyed or angry? (Action / Body)
  • Think it through carefully and plan your next move, but feel anxious and concerned as to what else could go wrong? (Head)

Which of the three responses most applies to you?

Which center is dominant for you?

Start to become aware of how you react in stressful situations. Observe the Enneagram Triads or Centers, you have all three, but likely have one which is more dominant. Think. Feel. Or Act?

It’s in our dominant center where our greatest imbalance or distortion is to be found, so balancing the centers is the healthiest place to be.


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