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The Enneagram Good News

Enneagram Good News postit

The Enneagram – The Good …

… and the not so Good News

The Enneagram Good News: In the beginning the Enneagram can seem to be a complicated system with strange sounding terminology (that everyone else but you seem familiar with). Terms such “Instincts,” “Wings,” “Passions,” and “Fixations,” can leave one a bit (or actually hugely), confused. I certainly was. So, I’m working to make the Enneagram more accessible through my Enneagram kids’ books, (Free on Kindle Unlimited), website and these emails.

But its not all smooth sailing folks, much as I’d like it to be.

Why you ask?

Well simply because the true work of the Enneagram is not for sissies.

The Bad (but actually Good news).

You see much of the perception is that the Enneagram is just about “finding” your personality Type.

Basically, the belief often is that once you find you’re a Type Seven for instance, you buy the T-shirt saying something like “I’ve arrived. The party just started!” And your Enneagram coffee mug saying something similar, and that (together with a lot of Sevenish party going), is it.

Done and Enneagram gold dusted.

Quote: “I’m a Four – look how I sparkle and shine so differently.” “I think I’ve been told I’m a Five. I did some research and I’d agree.” “I’m worried I might be a Six.”

And so on

Some of the Enneagram teaching out there leaves it at that.

Not bad as such, but ….

What we don’t get then is that finding your Type is only the first tiny step on a phenomenal potential growth path. Jumping off on the bottom step misses all the juicy potential to grow and become emotionally healthier people.

Because your Type simply defines what your defences have created to survive in the world—how you’ve learnt to cope. The outer shell of personality. Who you actually are is way more.

However, we’ve spent years building these defences and habits, so—and here’s the bad news bit, it takes huge amounts of courage and self-work to move onto the other steps.

That’s why the next steps are not for everyone.

And that’s fine.

Sometimes life and our circumstances can feel too overwhelming to want to take on anything more.


The Enneagram Good News: If you want to truly know yourself (and others) and develop into all your fullest potential self, then the Enneagram is certainly the best tool I’ve found.

Over the next months I’ll be taking you through the various aspects of the Enneagrams to discover who you truly are. Hint: You’re pretty amazing.

Join me on this adventure.


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