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Enneagram Types in Covid-19

cartoon of enneagram and covid-19

How are different Enneagram Types in Covid-19 dealing with isolation?

Enneagram Types in Covid-19: It may have sounded ideal at first—quality time to be at home doing all the things we never seem to have time for. But, as lock-down (isolation) continues, productivity could become harder. While in the beginning we may have thought: “I can ace this,” as the reality of being isolated deepens, many people say it’s harder to concentrate on reading or doing a course. (An inability to focus can be a sign of stress.)

How do the Enneagram Types in Covid-19 times cope? Obviously because your wing, Instinctual Drives, and integration levels in each Type make a difference, some, but not all of these attributes will apply. And remember, we are way more than our Types.


Type One’s are typically going to want to be be responsible when it comes to hand sanitizing, wearing masks and generally following the rules. They want to be beyond reproach. If in public, they’ll be keeping the required distance from others (and probably getting fairly annoyed with those who stand too close, stockpile goods or don’t wear masks .) One’s natural need for idealism seeks expression in wanting to find some higher purpose for the Covid-19 trauma. “Perhaps we’re being punished for not respecting the earth?” “A better world will arise. Let me show you how.” They will continue to work-hard from home, but may find the strain occasionally leads to “bad” behavior such as the odd binge eat. They will be great at organizing food deliveries, mask-making etc. for those in need.

enneagram and covid-19 type 2


They will typically be wanting to help others. They’ll be volunteering in whatever way they can: whether its shopping for others, preparing meals for the poor, sewing masks or helping in the counselling or medical services. I’ve received loads of msgs from Two’s who are doing great work in the community. They would need to be wary of over-committing their services at the expense of caring for themselves. Those who are in lock-down alone will have a tough time. Two’s will really miss physical affection and the time spent with family, colleagues and friends. How can you be loving if there’s no one around to love?

enneagram and covid-19 cartoon type 3


How do Enneagram Types in Covid-19 behave? Three’s could find lock-down really hard—they have created goals and aren’t now able to achieve them. Periods of hard-work and activity may be sabotaged with low Nine behavior, such as not getting out of pajamas or procrastinating. Threes, may find it frustrating not being at the office. Now, at home, they have no one to recognize their efforts and successes. Some will set personal goals learning new skills. They may use this time though to find other ways to rise. For example, organizing funding, making generous donations to needy organisations, helping colleagues via social media, or coming up with a great promotional idea. Above all, they want to emerge from this as the stars they are.

cartoon enneagram and covid-19 type 4


Four’s will experience the Covid-world to be harsh, estranged and lonely, particularly if on their own. A Four described it as: “It is truly terrifying to be in isolation and without context other than your own thoughts.” They could feel that in some sense they are suffering more than others. Four’s may find it hard to motivate themselves to be creative, and feel shame for not doing anything. They may swing from appreciating the beauty of each sunrise, to mourning the loss of the life they knew. Emotions may roller-coaster and they could demand attention on the one hand or be caring towards others at other times. Some may however be inspired to run on-line yoga classes, or other inspirational courses.


Enneagram Types in Covid-19, Type Five’s will be researching the virus and be keeping up to date with all the latest facts and figures, to inform others, as well as to keep their own fear at bay. Knowledge is power; yet whose knowledge can be trusted? They’ll take a more detached view of events, intellectualizing the trauma, wanting to minimize it’s impact emotionally. They may have a desire to hoard, because they feel there won’t be enough in days to come. Also, because they can don’t want to rely on anyone or anything. As for isolation, Fives may find the enforced time alone a pleasant respite from the need to engage with others. When it comes to finding a vaccine, I’ll put money on it that a brainy Five(s) will be very much involved.

Enneagram and covid-19 type 6 cartoon


Sixes have been waiting for a disaster of some kind for years. As a result, they are probably the best prepared of all Types. Some Sixes report being annoyed because while they thought they had planned for everything, then Covid-19 unexpectedly happened. They couldn’t have foreseen that. As a result, they have to create further coping mechanisms. They may seek advice from others regarding the best way to plan. “If one mask is good, then wearing two must be even safer right?” Being part of a group or team helping in some way, is enjoyable. Six’s will be hyper-vigilante regarding safety measures and enjoy sharing tips regarding the best sanitizers etc. This can be the time when they act despite their fear and emerge real heroes.

enneagram and covid-19 cartoon type 7


Seven’s value freedom, so lock-down’s limitations are difficult. They can enjoy alone time, but Seven’s miss the buzz of human interaction—Social Media doesn’t offer the same rewards. It’s hard to find experiences and stimulation at home, particularly if you’re alone. Seven’s may feel responsible for creating fun for others, but it can become too much, and then they withdraw like Five’s, reading or researching the illness, potential cures etc. They may fall into escapist behavior as well. (Addictions, mood elevators, too much TV etc.) Avoiding painful feelings becomes harder and facing them can be painful. Planning future events can be frustrating—they want the fun/stimulation NOW! 7’s may swing from seeing the bigger picture in a spiritual way: “See how the land is healing,” “There is a deeper purpose,” to getting angry about the restrictions.

enneagram and covid-19 cartoon type 8


As natural rebels Eight’s may try to go against the lock-down rules. They may not wear a mask, or go ostensibly to buy essential food (allowed), when in fact it’s an excuse to get outdoors. (In lock-down in my country we aren’t allowed outdoors to exercise.) Eights believe rules apply to others. Eights may feel invincible themselves when it comes to contracting Covid-19. Their anger can emerge as being outspoken against those in charge, believing that they would manage the crisis far better. They may take their frustration out on those close to them. But, it could also show up with random people, such as the store manager when the eggs run out. They feel fiercely protective towards those they care about and will look after their needs, in their big warm-hearted way.


In their pink candy-floss cloud world’s, Nine’s may revert to their narcotization mindsets. They want to only see the good in the world. “This is great, look how nature is improving since lock-down, right?” Nine’s could share endless “Dolphins in Venice,” posts and lose themselves in social media. They may find it harder than most to decide how to deal with the reality of the situation. Many Nine’s report that they are “happy at home,” with a partner and beloved pets (and no pressure). They dream that the virus will just disappear one day and the world will revert to a (better) normal. Then everyone will get along and things will be peaceful, and resources plentiful. In lock-down they could spend too much time nurturing others, while neglecting themselves, emotionally, spiritually, physically and/or mentally. They can also feel it’s up to them to create peace between fighting family members. Nine’s may be happy to wear the same comfortable clothes daily, whilst watching too much Netflix.

Nines can step into the position of community counselors or bereavement counselling—their natural kind, intuitive, empathetic and accepting natures, make them well suited for the role.

Can you relate to your Enneagram Type in COVID-19 ? If you did, please send the free Enneagram Assessment link ( ) to your friends, colleagues and family, so you can all enjoy discussing what you’re experiencing. Remember, your Type’s personality attributes are only what restricts you, not who you are essentially.


  1. leyla

    I really like your posts specially this one! you describe type 9 very well! specially “dolphins in Venice” I remember how many time I mention this in my conversations. thank you

  2. 8w7

    Ugh, it took two years, but I have turned into the unmasked, fed up 8 of everyone’s stereotypes. Enough with being controlled by everyone’s fear!

    • Ann Gadd

      I believe that the stress of Covid shifted many of us down the levels of integration. However, the good part about this is that you’re aware of the shift. Your anger as expressed in “fed up” and “Enough with being controlled…” has helped you see your fixations. If we don’t see ourselves “unmasked,” we never “get” the Enneagram and its potential for our growth.

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