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If Life Gives You Lemons…

lemons enneagram

Through the Enneagram Types

Ann Gadd

You know the saying: “If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade?” Well I thought it would be fun to run it through each of the Enneagram Types. So, what would each type do with a load of lemons?

If life gives you lemons: Type 1

If life gives you lemons: “I should do this now before the lemons go rotten. I need to find just the right recipe that combines healthy ingredients with taste, but which is not too extravagant. Then measure the ingredients precisely to get the perfect result each time. Alternatively, use the lemons to go on a ‘Lemon Detox Diet.’”

If life gives you lemons: Type 2

“Make loads of yummy lemonade and don’t hold back on the sugar – its sooo much nicer when its sweeter. Having made vast quantities of this sugary delight, give it freely to the poor, thirsty children or gift bottle for your friends and family.”

If life gives you lemons: Type 3

“See the potential. Lemons are super healthy right? Well, lets add some extra Vitamin C, give it a catchy name and market it as health drink. Then there is the peel – that’s massive in the health world. It contains naringenin which does a whole bunch of stuff, like stimulate the liver to burn excess fat and reduce blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol plus its a powerful antioxidant. So that should be easy to produce in tablet form and with some slick marketing it’ll fly (and so will I, up the corporate ladder)!”

If life gives you lemons: Type 4

“Lemons have feelings as well. Imagine how they feel, plucked harshly from a tree and now having the life squeezed from them to make your lemonade. Has anyone ever thought about the pain of separation from the tree that the lemons feel?


Before you make the lemonade could you tell me if these lemons are organic? What kind are they? I prefer the Bearss variety for juicing, but the Buddha’s Hand Lemons for using the peel for culinary purposes. You don’t have limes do you?”

If life gives you lemons through the enneagram types image of two lemon slices

If life gives you lemons: Type 5

“Lemons have some fascinating properties which most people don’t know about, so I’ll research those first before starting to make the lemonade. I also think it would be good to experiment with several recipes so I can find the best combination. There’s no point in making a whole lot though, it’ll just go to waste.”

If life gives you lemons: Type 6

“I wonder… should I make lemonade… maybe lemon curd, or lemon meringue pie. That’s Pete’s favorite. Hmm. Its so hard to decide. Let me phone a friend and see what they think. I don’t really feel like making anything right now, but the family will enjoy I’m sure.”

If life gives you lemons: Type 7

“Hey its been a long day. I need to party! Let me phone my 20 closest friends and ask them round for lemon cocktails and canapes. I’ll take those lemons, add a dash of tequila, (well more than a dash really), then some blueberries, ice maybe a hint of mint and voila! A Lemon Blueberry Margarita Party just started!”

If life gives you lemons image of lemon cocktails

If life gives you lemons: Type 8

“Ok, so we’ve got all these lemons right? Whose $%#!*!! mess up with orders was that then? Get them into my office NOW! As far as the lemons are concerned, get one of the staff to make some lemonade pronto and I’ll find a market for it. Hopefully we can salvage this mess-up.”

If life gives you lemons: Type 9

“Hmmm… Lemonade would be nice… I really enjoy it, so does the family. I’ll make it if that’s what everyone wants, but maybe it would be less hassle just to have water and put a slice of lemon in that, that way I won’t miss my favorite TV show.”

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