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Enneagram Wings

Enneagram Wings

What are the Wings in relation to the Enneagram?

Enneagram Wings explained: The wings are the numbers on either side of your number. In the image below, the Type Three has the possibility of a Two or Four Wing.

Enneagram Wings explained illustration by Ann Gadd
The Three has a possible for or Two or Four Wing, neither or both.

If you don’t have Wings will you fly?

Most people have wings, but some don’t. The good news is that they can still fly! Wings only ‘flavor’ your type with the characteristics of the Wing Type . One wing is commonly more dominant. It has been said that having or developing the Wing behind you can be more beneficial to your personal growth but its not cast in stone.

Spreading Your Wings

The wings are one of the reasons why people of the same core Type appear to differ. Becoming familiar with your wings helps understand people of those types, as well as expanding our own sense of self—using your wings gives you more emotional “tools,” as you can draw on the strengths of your wings to fly.

Do your Wings stay the same throughout your life?

Nope, our two wings are flexible (unlike your Type). Our wings can change throughout our lives, and we can show a different wing under different circumstances. For instance If you were a Seven, when making a business deal you may find your Eight Wing emerges, while at home you may be aware of having more of a Six Wing.

Using your wings

Use your Wings consciously to develop aspects of yourself. For instance a Type Nine who may find it hard to express an opinion or stand firm in a conflict situation, could draw on the strength of their Eight Wing to help them. Should they need to move from the clutter they sometimes experience in their heads, they could find drawing on their organisational One Wing helpful.

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