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Reviews: Sex and the Enneagram

Reviews: Sex and the Enneagram

Reviews: Sex and the Enneagram. For more reviews look on Amazon or Goodreads etc.

Brian L. Taylor – Vice President The Enneagram Institute

Sex and the Enneagram is an approachable presentation of the complex ways each Enneagram type may express or repress emotional openness in intimate relationships, and of how deep-rooted issues of vulnerability, fear of self-disclosure or shame, and lack of trust can cloud and limit our sexual self-expression.  In a warm, instructive, yet non-judgemental style, Ann also provides suggestions and reflections on ways an individual type might become more sexually, and therefore more completely, present to another in intimate connections. 

However, since we hold the potentials of all nine types within us, a studied consideration of each chapter in this book can collectively lead to a more abundant understanding and acceptance of the full range of our sexual lives, and in the process, to the even greater understanding that to be authentically present  with another person serves to remind us, as Don Riso wrote, that we are always in the presence of the Divine.

Brian L. Taylor
The Enneagram Institute

Linda Carroll – Psychotherapist and author

Ann Gadd, a prolific writer, counselor, and artist, infuses her visionary brilliance into this much-needed book, as she describes the sexual and erotic dynamics of relationships through the lens of the enneagram. Witty and easy to read, Gadd’s must-have book for everyone interested in love is also filled with depth and rich wisdom for people at any level of familiarity with the enneagram.

Linda Carroll
Psychotherapist and author of :
Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love
LoveSKills :The Keys to Unlocking Wholehearted Love  Feb 2020

Colleen Anderson – MA Clinical Psychology

Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, Ann Gadd boldly and graphically takes us behind the scenes into the sacred spaces of our sexuality. Her book inspires (me) with new possibilities; and brings interesting ideas, texture and latitude to explore in my relationship with my long-term partner.

Colleen Anderson, MA Clinical Psychology

I loved this book! As a Student of the Enneagram for over 20 years, I am always looking for books that are practical and without fluff and I found this book to be quite useful. Definitely worth having in your Enneagram Tool Box…

A. Wazir